Baseball player's CPR training helps save Georgia umpire's life during a game

Generally, any contact between a baseball player and an umpire warrants a suspension, but in this instance at Conyers (Ga.) Rockdale County High, it appears to have saved a man's life.

When Woody Reagin collapsed during the second inning of a junior varsity game, Rockdale coach Jerrid Harris rushed to the ump's aid, according to Georgia's WXIA-TV. The coach's cry for help compelled a rather unusual first responder to the life-threatening situation -- his junior first baseman Alex Norwood.

"As we're tearing off his shirt and getting his chest protector off, that's when I asked, 'Who all knows CPR?'" Harris told the local television news station. "And the voice behind me was confident, quick, and said, 'I know how to do CPR, I'm ready to go.' And I turned around and I saw Alex. He got in there and started chest compressions immediately."

Norwood had learned CPR only two weeks earlier as part of his lifeguard certification training. He conducted a series of 30 chest compressions before two adults from the crowd, including an off-duty EMT, joined in the effort. They ultimately revived Reagin before the ambulance arrived, the report said.

"When I was taking the class, I didn't really think about it," Norwood told WXIA-TV. "I've had friends that have lifeguarded before, and they've never had to use it, ever. So, I just thought it was something I had to do to get the certification. But (March 21) showed that it really is important to know how to do it, because I don't know how much I did, but it could have helped."

According to, doctors told Reagin's family they expect the umpire to make a full recovery.


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