Baby James, 3, executes golf shots and fist pumps like a toddler Tiger Woods

Baby James is pretty sweet when it comes to golf.

Louisiana toddler James Grimes was the subject of a recent WWL-TV feature entitled "3-year-old Abita Springs boy a golf prodigy in the making," and while it's a bit premature to start talking PGA, the kid's got a helluva putting stroke, a silky swing and a fist pump to rival Tiger Woods. He's even got the red shirt.

According to the New Orleans television news station, Baby James started golfing at 18 months old, now belongs to Abita Springs Country Club and is set to play his first tournament in June. At age 3.

"I didn't know it would go this far," his mother Nicole told WWL-TV. "We really thought about doing lessons, and we didn't know if he was too young. Well, as soon as I bought his clubs, I'd tee them up and he'd hit every ball." Spoken like Earl Woods circa 1973.

Sure, it may seem a little early to steer such a young child toward a game that's impossible to master, but Tiger Woods famously appeared on TV as a toddler, too, and look how things turned out for him.

On second thought ...