'Twinsanity' at Pittsburgh high school: four sets of twins on one basketball team

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Part of a high school basketball team's job is to deceive and outwit the opposition, and there may be no team in the country better equipped to do that than Taylor Allderdice High in Pittsburgh. That's because Allderdice features four sets of twins — three identical, one fraternal — on its roster.

"Twinsanity," as those around the program have dubbed it, has to be some sort of record, or at the very least as statistically improbable as a double-lightning strike. Four sets of twins: Timmy & Jimmy, Kenny & Keith, Javaughn & Davaughn, and Juwan & Jalen. They're a big reason why Allderdice is undefeated in conference play and 10-3 overall.

"It's hard for me, because sometimes I don't know which kid to yell at," says Allderdice coach Buddy Valinsky. "In the game they have a number, but I can't always remember who made a good play or made a bad play."

This state of affairs would seem to scream for an up-tempo offensive attack; woe to the defender who has to figure out on the fly which twin is his responsibility. (Plus, a little jersey-switching and you could get around the whole "fouled out" thing ... if you were of a slightly unethical mindset, of course.)

Tricky as it is to deal with so many twins, there are advantages, as Valinsky told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: It’s fewer parents you have to deal with."

Keep on confusing everyone around you, twins ... and while you're at it, see about trademarking "Twinsanity."

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