Zara Phillips, Tom Daley and other British Olympians dance like nobody’s watching for charity

Maggie Hendricks
Fourth-Place Medal

It's been three months since we saw all of Team Great Britain's athletes hanging out together. The British athletes, who took home 29 gold medals during their home country's Olympics, brought Great Britain to new levels of excitement with every medal won.

Now, they're using their fame to help BBC's Children in Need, a fund that aims to give every child in the United Kingdom a life that is safe, secure and allows children to reach their potential. How did the Olympians help? By dancing, of course.

There is so much to enjoy here. Gymnast Louis Smith's dancing. The rowing team basically dance-rowing. The Kid 'n' Play dance followed by "Shoulda Put a Ring On it." Diver Tom Daley showing off some Chippendale-inspired moves.

But nothing is better than Zara Phillips and other equestrian team members doing the Gangnam Style dance. That's the granddaughter of the Queen of England dancing in front of a person dressed as a horse to raise money for charity. What a wonderful world we live in.

If that inspired you to give -- and it should have -- check out the BBC Children's Fund here.

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