Yohan Blake gets the best of Usain Bolt again

Wonder what Usain Bolt will have to say about this one?

Two days after Yohan Blake beat the reigning Olympic champion in the 100-meter dash, Blake beat Bolt again at the Jamaican Olympic trials on Sunday, this time in the 200 in 19.80 seconds.

The victory solidifies Blake as a legitimate threat to take the Olympic gold medals off Bolt's hands later this summer. A decorated youth- and junior-level competitor, Blake could announce himself to the world in London. He's the defending world champion in the 100, and Bolt pinned his earlier loss at this year's trials on movement in the blocks.

[ Photos: Usain Bolt stumbles again vs. Blake ]

But there are no apparent excuses for Bolt to hide behind now. The 200 is his preferred event, given his height and long strides, and he still finished .03 seconds behind Blake on Sunday. To Bolt's credit, he was the first to congratulate his training partner after the race.

Still, one has to wonder where Bolt's head is at the moment. He's still headed to London in both the 100 and 200, but his recent off-track frivolity has been well-documented, and he may want to stop focusing on hypotheticals and start focusing on how he's going to stop his friend and countryman from running right past him.

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