Wrestler throws medal, MSNBC doesn't care

In a temper tantrum befitting a 2-year-old, Swedish wrestler Ara Abrahamian threw his bronze medal to the mat, and walked off the podium. This was after he had to be held back from attacking the judges in a controversial semifinal loss to Italian Andrea Minguzzi. If you just watched MSNBC's coverage of Greco-Roman wrestling, you would have just seen the story of American Adam Wheeler's unlikely bronze, and Minguzzi dancing and flipping after winning gold. Abrahamian's tantrum, along with the upsets of several top wrestlers including Egyptian Karam Gaber and American Dremiel Byers, were not even discussed, much less shown. What gives, NBC?

Another writer has already accused NBC of glossing over China's problems outside of sports. I see that as a forgiveable sin if it's their intent to keep sports separate from politics. (Of course, if that was their intent, they shouldn't have fawned over the Georgian and Russian medalists who were friends.) However, whitewashing what actually happens within the sporting arena is completely unforgiveable. There are good things and bad things that happen in sports, and responsible journalism covers it all.

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