Worst criminals ever steal from Switzerland women's curling team

Who would steal from a women's curling team? That's like stealing 30 bag lunches from a field trip. But it happened to the Swiss national team.

Tuesday night in Winnipeg, the team van was broken into and relieved of its most valuable goods — a curling uniform and a GPS. Not exactly the crime of the century.

Nonetheless, it leaves skip Mirjam Ott without her uniform and shoes. The uniform can be replaced (and will be by a supplier), but the shoes are another story. Curlers become attached to their shoes like baseball players do to their gloves. The break-in process can take weeks, and curlers will keep the same pair of shoes for years. It's not likely that Ott's new shoes will arrive in time for the beginning of the curling competition, so Ott will wear the shoes of a team alternate who wears the same size.

Surprisingly, this isn't the first time Ott has been robbed in Canada. In 2007 her hotel room was broken into, and she had $10,000 cash stolen. The money was replaced through donations from the British Columbia community in which she was staying.

I'm guessing Mirjam Ott thinks the whole "Canadians are super-polite" stereotype is a myth.

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