Winter is coming — U.S. gold medalist Kaitlyn Farrington gets her own 'Game of Thrones' emblem

Winning a gold medal comes with plenty of perks, from increased fame to better sponsorship opportunities to offers to star in SyFy Original Movies. Olympic success truly opens new doors for any athlete, even if that person already has a hit single in her home country.

Team USA's Kaitlyn Farrington, surprise winner of the women's snowboarding halfpipe on Wednesday, is about to find all this out. But in the aftermath of grabbing gold, she already has one pretty cool prize to put alongside her medal.

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Farrington is apparently a fan of the HBO series "Game of Thrones," and the show's social media team caught wind of it. So, to honor her achievement, they made her a very special sigil — which is really just an emblem — for House Farrington, her clan in the fictional world of Westeros. Check it out below:

With fairly little information, the 'GoT' team used Farrington's dominance of the mountain for the image and nabbed "100% fun" from her Twitter bio. Farrington hasn't yet responded to this creation, but she seems likely to appreciate it.

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However, something about it seems a little off. In the back-stabbing, treacherous world of "Game of Thrones," a house that trumpets its love of mountain fun would seem like a group of pushovers. This is a far cry from families who associate themselves with lions, wolves, and dragons — fearsome creatures of immense power. If a Farrington always pays her debts, it's probably because she never takes them out in the first place, instead relying on a sharing economy in which everyone pays each other back when it's convenient, or maybe just by doing a solid at some point in the future. Who needs absolute power when we have all this fresh powder?

My point, I guess, is that Farrington should consider asking the "Game of Thrones" social team to make her a new sigil. A woman with a name similar to that of a major character and of one of the show's breakout stars deserves better.

Whatever the case, Farrington is already making her name known in the world of American media. Winter is already here, and it looks pretty darn fantastic.

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