Wimbledon gets purple facelift before Olympics (PHOTO)

The Olympics have done what Anne White's bodysuit, John McEnroe's outbursts, a Centre Court roof and Victoria Azarenka's yellow T-shirt couldn't: besmirched the good graces of the All England Club. Hours after Roger Federer won his seventh title at the London event, organizers began changing over the grounds to prepare to host this month's Olympic tennis competition.

I get why the Olympics wants to have a uniform color scheme -- if remaining confused why said color scheme is purple. (You know how they say black goes with everything? Purple only goes with black. Certainly not green.) But this isn't some temporary beach volleyball stadium or an archery facility that will be the subject of "what happens to venues when the Games go away?" pictorials in The Sun in 2018. It's Wimbledon! Spray paint some Olympic rings on the fence and let the rest of the venue speak for itself. It's a whole lot classier than some purple fencing. Respect the locale. If the Rolling Stones go play in front of the Acropolis, they're not unfurling a giant tongue banner, you know?

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