Wii curling sweeps Internet by storm

Good commentators and miked-up players brings curling into fans' living rooms, but never to this extent. At this writing, guess what is second on Google Trends USA? Wii curling.

The game, which is included in the Deca Sports for Wii title, is a hotter topic than the Russian women's curling team, no easy task. All this for one part of a Wii title that got poor reviews. But the Christian Science Monitor wrote about it and found out that Wii curling really works the arms.

Deca's version appealed to a certain sense of whimsy or the absurd.

"Wii curling, one of several virtual events packed into Deca Sports, can be a tiring experience. After giving your digital curling stone a solid push, you must shake the controller at paint-mixer speeds. But don't get overzealous, or the pixelated stone will drift off target."

Granted, whimsy might not be the word that comes to mind when you see people playing it:

Incidentally, this week dadoo Games released a user-made Xbox Live Indie Game, Curling 2010, which can be downloaded to XBox 360. It costs only $3, or 240 Microsoft points.

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