While you were sleeping: Bode Miller wins bronze in men's super-G

Mikaela Conley

While the United States slept, things were busy on the other side of the globe. Here is our recap of everything Olympics you may have missed overnight. Social media curated by Kari Van Horn.


*U.S. skier Andrew Weibrecht took home silver in the men’s super-G finals. And Bode Miller finally made it to the podium in Sochi. Miller and Canada's Jan Hudec tied for bronze, finishing with the identical time of 1:18.67. Bode was seen getting quite emotional immediately after the race.


*Lindsey Jacobellis fell hard, losing her lead and finishing last in the semifinal round and seventh overall in the women's snowboardcross competition Sunday. Eva Samkova of the Czeck Republic won gold in the event. She also rocked a pretty mean mustache while bombing down the mountain.


*Before the finals, U.S. snowboardcross competitor Jackie Hernandez fell hard on the qualifying course. The 22-year-old from Vermont was the sixth rider down the course before she went off a small jump and hit her head. She lay on the course for several moments, appearing unconscious, before she was able to sit up and be carted off the mountain by medics.


*Team USA plays the Slovenian ice hockey team Sunday at 7:30 EST. The team tweeted this pre-game photo.


*Skiing isn’t the only passion of Austrian super-G gold medalist Anna Fenninger. The 24-year-old beauty works hard to bring awareness to endangered cheetahs. Fenninger rocks a cheetah-print helmet on the slopes and released a 2014 cheetah-centric calendar in partnership with the Namibia-based Cheetah Conservation Fund. Nevertheless, she was indeed pretty stoked to win gold, posting this photo Sunday on Instagram. She wrote: "whoaa.. It's gold." Indeed it is.


*Some tough love came from the mother of Norwegian cross-country skier Martin Johnsrud Sundby, who said of her son finishing 13th in the 15km race: "You're the worst Norwegian. You should go home." Yikes, guess not all mamas are warm and fuzzy.


*And then there was the time U.S. figure skater Jason Brown hid behind a plant before meeting 2008 Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin. "Ahhhh!! Got to meet @nastialiukin last night at the USA House!! I pretty much freaked out and ran behind a plant before composing myself and talking to her...She was so down to earth! The respect that she has for other athletes and the advice about competing & her past experiences makes her an amazing presence here at the Olympics!" he wrote on Instagram.


*U.S. Olympic bobsledder Dallas Robinson tweeted out this photo of his race day meal. #bobsleddiet



*And here's a photo of more Olympians eating. Awkward family photo?

*If you’re not into partying, there looks to be some sort of crafting going on in the Olympic Village.


*And more crafting!


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