What the fans can’t bring to Sochi Olympics events

SOCHI, Russia – The good news for fans attending events in Sochi’s Olympic venues: You can bring in your copy of the Bible. The bad news: You have to leave your Pepsi sweatshirt at home, fans.

The restrictions on spectators entering the Winter Games’ events in the Olympic Park are lengthy, all-encompassing and rather specific. As you walk in with your ticket, a warning explains that everything from “items with logos or other symbols” to fan-made banners are prohibited.

Look at the example next to “items with logos”; as the official spectator rules state, “items with brand names or other kinds of promotional labels or information” are prohibited.

One wonders how much this'll be enforced, what with everyone wearing jackets to the events.

Among the other banned items from the venues:

* Food and beverages, save for baby food

* Handbags or suitcases more than 50х50х50 cm in size.

* Banners that are larger than 2x1 meters; whose content isn’t focused on support for competing athletes or that contain offensive, obscene, or provocative text, words, symbols, or images.

Here’s a complete list of restrictions for both fans, guests of athletes and nations and the working media:

Sochi Spectator Restrictions

One interesting debate: Noisemakers.

According to the IOC, “devices which create excessive noise and are capable of interfering with conduct and viewing of competitions.”

But there’s no specific list of items listed; instead, the IOC contends: “Due to impossibility of composing a comprehensive list of such devices, the responsibility for making a decision on whether or not a noise producing device is restricted from bringing into a venue lies with Organizing Committee employees whose duty during the Games is to coordinate activities in screening areas.”

So … vuvuzela or no vuvuzela?

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