What are the fastest Winter Olympic sports?

Fourth-Place Medal

If you watch the Winter Olympics, there's a good chance you've stared at the screen wondering which sports move the quickest. You may have tried to figure out whether the bobsledders move faster than the lugers and whether the speedskaters are faster than the skeleton racers.

Destin, the rocket scientist behind the popular Smarter Every Day blog and video series, wondered too. So he collected data, compared the sports and got some answers. You can look at his findings in the chart below or in the slideshow above (think of it as the scenic route). 

Kudos to Smarter Every Day and designer Will Leahy for the sweet infographic. Downhill skiers? Yep, those guys and gals move fast. We paused at the inclusion of the hockey puck, though, and its No. 1 ranking. It's obviously not like the others. 

If that's included, why not the bullets used in the biathlon? They'd be faster. Of course, there's a goalie who has to stop that puck, and nobody has to catch biathlon bullets. And what about curling, not even included? Poor slow curling. 

Alas, it's good to know how fast some of these athletes — and, yes, the hockey pucks — are moving in comparison to each other.

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