Weir bows to animal activist pressure, won't wear fur

After standing so staunchly for his right to self-expression, American figure skater Johnny Weir decided to switch out fox fur for fake fur in his costume for his long program. Weir had been pressured -- to put it mildly -- by animal rights groups to make the change.

He says he decided because he didn't want the controversy over the fur to overshadow his Olympic experience and chance at making childhood dreams come true. He said that several threats were made both to him and his costumer.

But Weir, known for being defiant and flamboyant, made it clear that the animal rights activists should not consider his change in costume a win:

I hope these activists can understand that my decision to change my costume is in no way a victory for them, but a draw. I am not changing in order to appease them, but to protect my integrity and the integrity of the Olympic Games as well as my fellow competitors.

Even in doing what the activists wanted him to do, Weir was still himself. He didn't wholeheartedly buy the stance that the activists take; instead, he came out looking like a hero by trying to protect his competitors.

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