What to watch: Ice dancing, aerials, and more ice dancing tonight

It's a relaxed second Monday at the Winter Olympics, with no Alpine skiing for the first time in five days and just three medal events throughout the day (and only one live in primet ime). Here's what to watch for:

1. Ice dancing concludes! Depending on how you interpreted that exclamation point, you're either very excited about Monday night's ice dancing free skate or very excited that after the ice dancing free skate you won't have to watch an ice dancing free skate for four years. You know the IOC is out of touch when it gives us three nights of ice dancing and one night of Shaun White. At least three of the top four teams are Americans and Canadians, which provides some rooting interest for the proceedings. Tanith Belbin and her partner skate second-to-last. (No, I'm not looking up his name.)

2. Team ski jumping. While it's vaguely disappointing that the teams don't all ski down the hill together en masse for a group jump, this event is still a pretty entertaining one. Look out for Gregor Schlierenzauer, who has already won two bronze medals in these Games and may win another yellow-shaded medal Monday night with Team Austria.

3. Freestyle skiing aerials. It's only qualifying, but the acrobatics combined with NBC's stellar camerawork make any freestyle skiing event a must-watch.

Also look out for: women's hockey highlights, cross-country.

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