Watch a cat fall through the ceiling of a $32 million arena at the Winter Olympics

Fourth-Place Medal

We should have known earlier about #SochiProblems — they were foreshadowed in the video above. 

This video, timestamped from October 2013 but just surfacing recently, shows part of the ceiling at the Adler Arena collapsing. The culprit? A black cat who was presumably climbing on the roof. Adler Arena is where the the Olympic speedskating events take place. It cost a reported $32 million to build.

And a cat brought it down?! Obviously, whatever the Russians were using for ceilings back in October was as dependable as those Under Armour skating suits.

Although, in retrospect, we might now know why there are so many stray dogs wandering around Sochi. To scare away all the cats and save all the roofs of Olympic Village. 

(H/T: Fox Sports)

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