Top 5 videos: Sochi's Olympic crushes

Top 5 videos: Sochi's Olympic crushes
Top 5 videos: Sochi's Olympic crushes

1. Sage Kotsenburg has been charming the pants off America, and the rest of the world, for that matter, since his big win in the men’s snowboard slopestyle competition in Sochi.  From teaching us new lingo ("spoice") to joking about giving Bob Costas pinkeye, the guy has a fun free spirit many of us wish to emulate. Check out the video here to learn about what Kotsenburg had to sacrifice before his big Winter Olympics debut:

[Photos: See more of Sage Kotsenburg winning gold]

2. Jamie Anderson kicked butt in Sochi, winning gold in the inaugural women’s snowboard slopestyle competition. The 23-year-old American from California has a magnetic smile and warm demeanor, and she credits meditation and yoga for helping her prep for big competition days. Check out the video here to hear about Anderson’s spirit grandmother, who cheered her on in Sochi:

[Photos: See more of Olympic gold medalist Jamie Anderson]

3. Lolo Jones has been an Olympian in the Winter and Summer Olympics. Now that's crushworthy. The bobsled beauty will make her second appearance alongside her teammate in the Sochi Games on Wednesday.

[Photos: See more of Lolo Jones's athletic talent here]

 4. U.S. figure skater Ashley Wagner may have inadvertantly become the iconic face of the Sochi Games after her disappointed expression to an unexpected low score went viral. We like Wagner because she has taken all the attention in stride, even tweeting out a silly Valentine’s Day photo with her famous look. Check it out here:

[Photos: See more of Wagner's viral expression]

5. The whole world seemed to say, “Aww,” in unison when silver-medal-winning U.S. freeskier Gus Kenworthy announced that he would be adopting five stray puppies in Sochi. The 22-year-old from Colorado even will stay a few extra days in Russia in order to get all the proper paperwork squared away. Check out Kenworthy talking about some of his favorite Olympic moments here:

[Photos: See more of Olympic crush Gus Kenworthy]

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