Video: The Swedish women curling team rocks with their rocks

All this time I've been thinking that "Billie Jean" is my favorite music video of all time. I was wrong. In my defense, I didn't even know it.

As it turns out, my favorite music video of all time is "Hearts on Fire" by the Swedish metal band HammerFall, which stars the Swedish women's curling team. Check it out.

Yeah, it's that good. The best, actually.

According to Wikipedia, the story behind the video shoot sheds some light on it's concept.

The shooting of the music video "Hearts on Fire" by director Roger Johansson was scheduled for August of [2002]. The band's plans, however, had to be held back for a week due to an incident that occurred one night. While Joacim [Cans, lead singer] was drinking with his girlfriend in a rock club he had been frequenting for over a decade, he was attacked by an unidentified person who hit him in the head with a beer glass and hastily escaped. Joacim instantly lost consciousness and had to be taken to a hospital, in which he underwent plastic surgery and rested for a couple of days. As soon as it became medically possible, he joined the band to record the music video.

A night of drinking, followed by getting knocked out by a glass — now this makes sense.

(via TBL)


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