Video: Your new favorite version of 'We Are the Champions'

According to Wikipedia, which is never wrong, the Tatar people are a "Turkic ethnic group numbering 10 million in the late 20th century, including all subgroups of Tatar people, such as Crimean Tatars, Volga Tatars, and Lipka Tatars." Of course.

From those 10 million, a small group became Queen fans who would one day make their way to Vancouver to perform outside the Opening Ceremony.

Thank you, Tatar people, for this excellent and inspiring version of the classic "We Are the Champions." It's a close call between your rendition and this fireside version for the finest Queen cover of all time, so I'll have to listen 12 more times. I suggest you, dear reader, do the same.

(h/t With Leather)

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