Various happenings in the wonderful world of curling

Kevin Martin, Canada's skip for this year's Olympics, made history with a 6-4 win over fellow Canadian Glenn Howard. The BDO Classic Canadian Open victory is Martin's 14th title. And as everyone knows, a 6-4 curling win is like a 50-point basketball blowout. Not bad for a fellow nicknamed "The Old Bear."

In more Team Canada curling news, the host country's squad is favored to take home the gold in men's outright. Next in line, according to Sports Interaction, is the British team that has never medalled in the Olympics. They also didn't compete in the 2009 World Championships, so you know all the hipsters are rooting for these guys. So trendy.

On the lighter side of the curling realm, how about this recipe from Alison Ladman? Mmmmmm, three onion lamb stew and dumplings. No idea how this has anything to do with curling, but Ladman says it's inspired by curling's Scottish heritage, and the dumplings will "slide down your throat just as nicely" as a stone gliding down the ice. Yummy!

Here in the U.S. we get to celebrate Vernon Davis, the San Francisco 49ers tight end, being made an honorary captain of the United States curling team. Davis is a recent convert to the sport. He would have been an actual captain but he has a tendency to drop the stone on the way to the matches.

Last but certainly not least, curling rocks!

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