Usain Bolt should be very afraid of Yohan Blake (VIDEO)

Chris Chase
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The results speak for themselves: Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake raced twice over the weekend at the Jamaican Olympic Trials and Blake won both times.

First, he defeated the world-record holder in the 100 by 0.11 seconds, a staggering margin that Bolt is usually on the other end of. Then, in a much bigger surprise, Blake did it again in the 200, hanging Bolt his first major-competition loss in the event in five years.

Bolt said something spooked him in the starting blocks during the 100. He didn't have as good a reason for the loss in the 200, other than to say his bend -- the curved, middle portion of the race -- was weak.

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How do you know we're in a brave new world of running: Usain Bolt is making excuses rather than proclamations following races.

But the only excuse Bolt could make is that Blake is currently a faster runner. He was quicker out of the blocks -- not a surprise, since that's Bolt's one main flaw. Usually, Bolt makes up his slowness off the stat in the first 35 meters. Blake's building speed is just as fast, so when he was quicker on the bend and down the stretch, that leads to an unexpected victory in the 200.

Usain Bolt got beat. He says he's not worried. "I have to work hard to get ready for the Olympics," he told reporters." I think I am a little bit weak, but three more weeks should be good enough to get back into shape."

Should be? Where's the bravado? Either he's being coy or he is worried that Blake is about to challenge his title as world's fastest man.

In 2008, Bolt was unstoppable early in the season. He upset Asafa Powell in early May, set the world record a few weeks later and dominated Powell at trials en route to his Olympic triumph. He was equally dominant in 2009 when he won the world championship. Bolt was undefeated in major races in 2011. He's shown in his career that he uses tune-up meets to tune-up. Right now, Usain Bolt is in need of a big one.

The track competition in London begins in just over a month.

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