Usain Bolt’s got an astonishing, and surely not at all fake, basketball shot

You know, there's got to be the tiniest bit of insecurity at being the world's fastest man. Oh, sure, you can run quicker than anyone in the history of humankind, but still ... you're just running. No avoiding blockers, no rounding bases, no putting a ball in a hoop or across a net. So perhaps that's why Usain Bolt has decided to expand his brand beyond simple speed.

Bolt, who may or may not be retiring in 2016, has a bit of basketball skill, as he demonstrated here by clowning the San Antonio Spurs' Tony Parker via video. We're absolutely certain that those shots were perfectly real and well-executed, and we commend Mr. Bolt on his next-level basketball skills.

For those of you cranks who think that's "faked," here he is in a real live game — well, sort of — throwing down a two-handed dunk at a celebrity event:

If there's anything faster than Usain Bolt, it's the speed at which we forget about Olympians in non-Olympic years. Good on him, then, for managing to stay in the public eye.

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