Unlimited beer and London Olympic beach volleyball at Horse Guards Parade

LONDON — American sports fans have come to expect certain restrictions on adult beverage consumption at sporting events: two beers per purchase is typically the standard at places like Yankee Stadium, for example.

So it may have been a bit of culture shock for the U.S. beach volleyball fans watching matches at the Horse Guards Parade in London when they discovered unlimited beer purchases at concession stands. Seriously:

Beer was being carried into the stadium in pyramid formations and on double-stacked trays. I asked the concessionaires if you could purchased 10 at a time; the answer was there was no limit on beer sales.

Can't imagine why beach volleyball is one of the hottest tickets in the London Games ...

In talking with some of the locals, this isn't commonplace in the U.K. when it comes to beer and sports.

At a cricket match, for example, there's usually a limit of four beers per purchase. So Londoners were taking full advantage of the one-stop beverage shopping for beach volleyball.

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(Incidentally, a pint of Heineken costs 4.50 pounds, or $7.07 U.S., at the venue.)

We don't want to say a few beverages may have been consumed on Monday evening for Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May-Treanor's 11:30 p.m. match … but at one point, there was an actual conga line dancing around the top of the stands in the venerable Horse Guard Parade.

A. Conga. Line.

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