U.S. bobsledder breaks down his bathroom door in Sochi hotel

The #SochiProblems are escalating, people.

After U.S. bobsledder Johnny Quinn realized he was trapped inside his hotel bathroom this weekend, the 30-year-old Olympian broke down the door. Quinn, who was phoneless post-shower, pummeled through the pseudo-wood to escape that small, steamy space — and tweeted the aftermath to the world:

Naturally, Quinn — formerly a wide receiver on the Green Bay Packers practice squad — received feedback from fellow athletes:

Quinn’s no stranger to bold moves. The dude just happens to suffer from motion sickness and chooses to climb in something that shoots up to 118 mph.

“I've got to ride with my eyes closed,” he told the Patriot-News. “I always tell people that the ride is the same as the biggest and baddest roller coaster at Six Flags. The difference is our roller coaster can break.”

Or, is THIS what really happened?

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The 220-pound bobsledder isn’t the first Sochi visitor to battle hotel doors. A plethora of journalists have been locked in — and out — of their rooms.