Which U.S. Olympic great would you most like to see pull a Favre?

As I watched yet another hour of Brett Favre coverage on television last night, an interesting question popped into my head.

If you could bring one former U.S. Olympian out of retirement and allow them to compete in Beijing, who would it be?

I decided that I would only consider athletes who have participated since the '92 Games in Barcelona because most people my age (24) don't remember anything before that. For the purposes of this argument though, if an athlete in this poll competed in an Olympics before Barcelona, those stats will be recognized.

Let's get to the choices ...

Michael Jordan-- Basketball ('84 L.A., '92 Barcelona)

Jordan led the U.S.A. basketball team to two gold medals, becoming one of only three people to win a gold medal as an amateur and a professional (Mullin and Ewing).

Carl Lewis-- Track and Field ('84 L.A., '88 Seoul, '92 Barcelona, '96 Atlanta)

Lewis earned nine gold medals, and one silver, over a long and distinguished career. He is widely considered to be one of the greatest athletes of all time. He dominated competitors in the long jump, earning a staggering four golds in a row.

Michael Johnson-- Track and Field ('92 Barcelona, '96 Atlanta, 2000 Sydney)

Johnson racked up four gold medals in different sprinting events during his career. Who will ever forget him racing past the competition in Atlanta with those gold shoes?

Janet Evans--Swimming ('88 Seoul, '92 Barcelona, '96 Atlanta)

Evans earned four gold medals and one silver while competing in freestyle and medley events. She became the face of American swimming for almost two decades.

Kerri Strug--Gymnastics ('92 Barcelona, '96 Atlanta)

Strug pulled off one of the most memorable moments in U.S. Olympic history landing a vault on one leg, which clinched a gold medal for the Americans.

Jackie Joyner-Kersee--Track and Field ('84 L.A., '88 Seoul, '92 Barcelona, '96 Atlanta)

Kersee earned seven Olympic medals in her career including three golds. She was a force for years in the heptathlon and in the long jump.

So who would you like to see pull a Favre and come back?

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