U.S. figure skater Nagasu gets in online spat with classmate

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — When Mirai Nagasu charmed her way into fourth place in the Winter Olympics figure skating competition, her coach, Frank Carroll, insisted her superb performance was all grit and determination.

Well, that tough spirit shone through again on Friday morning, when the 16-year-old star refused to back down in the face of criticism from what appears to be a jealous school friend.

Nagasu tweeted a link to a blog titled "La Vie Boheme" in which the author is critical of the Team USA skater.

"Most of you know her as a US Figure Skating Champion and Olympian this year. But I know this chick pretty well. She was in my Freshman Honors English Course and we were partners a lot.

"I want to be happy and proud for her like everyone else at my school, but I really don't like this chick. Like I'm not hating, she's super talented (obviously).

"But just because she's talented doesn't make her a good person. In fact, she's a total [expletive]. Who's uptight and snobby and gets everything handed to her because of her talent. She thinks she's better than everyone else, and that irks me. But whatever."

Nagasu linked to the post on Twitter and added: "Oh yes...check out what she wrote about me... but I never was her partner in any English projects.."

Just goes to show that being an Olympic athlete doesn't give you time off from high school cattiness.

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