U.S. figure skater Mirai Nagasu gets bloody nose during routine

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Olympic figure skating can be a cruel and competitive world – but it doesn't normally end in bloodshed.

However, that changed on Tuesday night when American teen star Mirai Nagasu suffered the untimeliest of nosebleeds during her first performance at the Winter Games.

Nagasu's nose started to leak midway through her routine during the short program at the Pacific Coliseum as she racked up an impressive performance that left her in first place through 16 skaters – albeit with the biggest favorites still to come.

"I have been having nosebleeds here frequently," said Nagasu. "I guess it is because it is a little bit more dry than in California.

"I have been putting saline nose spray in my nose but it has still been happening much more than usual. Halfway through the program I felt it running down my nose and I had to not think about it and carry on skating."

Nagasu's nosebleed earned her the sympathy of the home crowd. It seems the only time the Canadians want to see an American bleeding on the ice is in hockey.

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