Tyler Jewell's mom made him an awesome 'psych' video

On Saturday, American Tyler Jewell will be racing in his second Olympics as a parallel giant slalom snowboarder. He'll be hoping to improve on his 11th-place finish at the 2006 Turin Games. To do so, he'll need to be extra pumped up to push himself over the edge.

Thankfully, he's got his mom to help. She posted this "psych song" to help him out.

I'm not exactly sure how that's going to get Tyler fired up for his race, but it's quite the birthday gift. Every guy wants a video of his mom wearing his clothes and dancing with his trophies posted to the Internet for his 33rd birthday.

On second thought, my mom would make the exact same video for my birthday if I were an Olympian, only she'd pick a James Taylor song. So Mrs. Jewell, you're cool in my book.

(via Buzzfeed)