Twitter Story: Apolo Anton Ohno arrives in Vancouver

Twitter is one of the best way to keep tabs on your favorite celebrities, athletes and bloggers. But some Twitter feeds are better than others. For instance, Apolo Anton Ohno, speedskating extraordinaire, has one of the most fun-loving, earnest Twitter feeds in all the Internet. Thanks to the power of timestamps, we're able to re-create Ohno's Vancouver arrival.

Here Ohno is getting excited for his trip to Vancouver. He won't admit it, but he wanted to use an exclamation point rather than an ellipses there at the end.

The saga continues after the jump...

He has arrived! Early! And he's making up for skipping that last exclamation point.

It seems Apolo enjoys his Ralph Lauren gear. I'm guessing the white pants are a favorite.

Ahhhhh, morning in Vancouver. So crisp and sunny. No rain (or snow?). This certainly warrants a smiley face.

Uh oh. Why does Apolo need to "take the edge off?" Is this something we should be worried about. Don't do anything crazy Apolo, it's just team pictures.

Quick! Someone go chill with Apolo Anton Ohno! He is training at 9 pm, but after that you can chill in Vancouver. He needs you.

Will Apolo Anton Ohno get someone to chill with him? Will he be able to "take the edge off?" Stay tuned to Apolo Anton Ohno's Twitter feed to find out.

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