Tiki Barber won't be hosting Saturday Night Live any time soon

When he still played for the New York Giants, Tiki Barber let everyone know that he had high aspirations for his post-football career in the field of broadcasting. At the same time he was publicly ripping coaches and teammates, he acknowledged his dream to be "another" Matt Lauer and admitted he wasn't the "typical football player" because of his intellect and aspirations.

In February 2007, he joined the Today Show and now he's co-hosting "Olympic Update" on MSNBC from Beijing five days a week. Unfortunately, his broadcasting isn't exactly top-of-the-line (like that football team he left who won the Super Bowl).

The combination of arrogance and mispronunciations has made the Barber experience a poor one. Even worse, his attempts at humor have been weak at best.

When a USA softball player smeared a chalk hand-print on President Bush's back, we got the following:

"The FBI or the CIA or the Secret Service is going to take that shirt and find out who did it!"

While my gripes might seem fickle or lacking in substance, the folks at Columbia Journalism Reviewhave a little more. The Review describes several mistakes Barber made during the first seven days, including calling Mike Krzyzewski "Mike Rezevski" and referring to Hungary as "Hungaria".

"Olympic Update is on for two hours a day, but as far as Barber is concerned, it’s Amateur Hour."

Maybe the next time Tiki is crafting a story for the Today Show about water-skiing squirrels, he can take that Mike Rezevski guy along for the ride and film the report from Hungaria.

Sports Business Daily also notes that no one "would care if this program disappeared from the schedule."

Perhaps Tiki could go on the record and say he's "not the typical broadcaster" since, you know, the typical broadcaster is watchable.

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