There's never any traffic in the Olympic lane

Have you ever been sitting in traffic, wishing you had the power to make all the cars in your path disappear? Of course you have. Olympic organizers obviously had those same feelings at some point as well, and wanted to do something about it. That's why they created the Olympic lane (right), a portion of the road in and around each host city that is accessible only to credentialed Games personnel.

I can only imagine that most Chinese people are cursing the lane's existence right now because of the traffic it must cause. Considering that Beijing's Olympic lane is the largest ever created, I think I would pull my hair out if I didn't have a credential, and I know I would be racking up a lot of fines.

I can still remember traveling through Greece in the Olympic lane and having people just stare at our bus and we sped to our next destination. Having access to this lane is like having access to the carpool lane during rush-hour traffic, except it's even better.

Before I went to the Athens Games, I thought the Olympic lane was just a myth, but each day as I whizzed past miles of traffic, I thanked my lucky stars that I basically had a non-stop shuttle to wherever I wanted to go. Obviously some journalists in China are feeling the same way right now.

I just wish that the Olympic lane idea could be implemented in some way here in America. People could pay a certain amount of money each year to have access to a road that only credentialed personnel could travel on. Imagine how much easier life would be if you never had to worry about traffic ...

Photo via Getty Images

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