The entertainment at the Sochi Games is spectacular (Video)

Fourth-Place Medal

So this is what happens in Sochi to entertain people when they’re not watching athletes compete in events ... and it’s pretty spectacular. When this video was posted on Instagram, it was hashtagged “#like #thebest” and it’s hard to argue.
A few questions:

1. Is that Toronto mayor Rob Ford singing? Nothing about him would surprise us anymore.

2. Did the dudes on the right side get their arm wave from Naughty By Nature’s “Hip-Hop Hooray” video?

3. Would this fly in the U.S.? Probably not. We’d probably have some cheesy cover bands playing their versions of songs we’ve heard a thousand times already. Or Train.

4. Is this video more of a “nations of the world” thing or an “island of misfit Olympic fans” thing? We're fine with either.

5. Is this jam on iTunes yet? 

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One more: Do you want to join us in a sing-along?

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