The 100,000 condoms of Sochi Olympics

Olympic Condoms

SOCHI, Russia – There’s a lot of down time in the athletes’ village during the Olympic Games. And there's free alcohol at village entertainment centers. And there are 7,000 really fit men and women living in close proximity to each other for weeks on end.

Hence, there’s a lot of sex in the Olympic athletes’ village.

A whole lot. As U.S. Olympian Hope Solo put it during the 2012 London Games: “I've seen people having sex right out in the open. On the grass, between buildings, people are getting down and dirty.”

Of course, these athletes would like nothing more than to leave the Olympics with medals, memories and, uh, nothing unexpected. So the proliferation of prophylactics becomes a story every Olympiad – including a record 150,000 condoms on hand for the London Games.

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So what’s the rubber report for Sochi?

According to no less an authority than TMZ, Sochi Olympic officials will have 100,000 condoms to give out to the athletes in three different Olympic villages:

A rep for the International Olympic Committee tells us ... "The distribution of condoms in the village is part of the IOC’s involvement in the HIV and AIDS prevention."

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This is true. We’ve done our own undercover work with condoms in the Olympic village, and discovered a few things:

1. The condoms aren’t simply handed to athletes as they enter the village like McDonalds coupons and garish jackets. They’re available, for free, at the medical centers inside the athletes’ villages.

2. As you can see, they’re found at the reception desk of the medical facilities, in dainty glasses that would normally house your Great Aunt’s butterscotch candy.

3. While Durex had the market cornered for condoms in London – well, save for those crafty Aussies – the Sochi organizers have a deal with Love Condoms, which is an initiative from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation to raise awareness and gain acceptance for their use. Love Condoms has provided condoms to the organizers, and were already in place in the village well before opening ceremonies.

One hundred thousand condoms … well, Putin did vow to keep the Olympics safe.

You might think that’s a rather large number of prophylactics in Sochi, but please keep in mind that snowboarding remains an Olympic sport ...