Teter comfortable with her body; you should be, too

CORRECTION: The quote in the fourth paragraph originally attributed to Lindsey Vonn was actually said by Hannah Teter. Yahoo! Sports regrets the error.


U.S. Olympian Hannah Teter modeled for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. After all, she trains like a madwoman to be the best in snowboarding and a nice byproduct of that training is that she has a gorgeous, athletic body and is comfortable showing it off:

“I was really amped up to do that, because I don’t believe in the criminalization of bodies and women having to be ashamed of their bodies," Teter told Reuters. " ... The pictures are a little risque, but they’re totally not sexual. Bodies are beautiful and should be appreciated.”

Teter is known as a free spirit, and her sense of humor applies to the human body. At the site where Teter is selling undies for Haiti relief, slogans like "Do your civic booty" and "Baby gave back" scroll over the boy shorts that say "Make love not war."

"I’m OK with people being naked," [Teter] said. "There shouldn’t be a huge deal made about it. People in tribal nations walk around naked, and they don’t have bad things going on sexually, because it’s OK."

At a time where everyone from the first lady to the Centers for Disease Control are working to prevent childhood obesity, Teter showing a healthy body image.

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