Team figure skating finals: Follow the action in Sochi as it happens

Fourth-Place Medal

The team figure skating medals will be awarded Sunday -- the first of the figure skating medals in Sochi.

Russia is poised to win its first gold medal of the Games. Canada is solidly in second place, while the United States is looking good for the bronze. Japan and Italy are also in the medal hunt, and anything can happen on Olympic ice. The country with the highest cumulative team score will win the gold.

[ Watch: Gracie Gold's practice session ]

Yahoo Sports' Lawrence Yee will be live blogging the team event finals, beginning with the men's free skate, followed by the ladies free skate and finally the free dance.

The United States will be represented in the finals by Jason Brown, Gracie Gold, and Meryl Davis and Charlie White. Keep refreshing this page for the latest updates.

9:55AM ET: The men's free skate will begin in 5 minutes. The skate order is Paul Bonifacio Parkinson (ITA), Jason Brown (USA), Kevin Reynolds (CAN), Evgeni Plushenko (RUS), Tatsuki Machida (JPN)

10:00am ET: The United States, Canada, and Japan have made substitutions in the event. Jason Brown replaces Jeremy Abbott, Kevin Reynolds replaces Patrick Chan and Tatuski Machida replaces Yuzuru Hanyu.

10:03am ET: Tweet me your figure skating questions @lawryee and I'll do my best to answer them during between skaters.

10:04am ET: The men are currently warming up.

10:07am ET: First up, Paul Bonifacio Parkinson. He had a rough skate in the short program. Hopefully he will turn in a strong performance here. His music is selections from the Queen Symphony. Fall on an underrated quadruple Salchow. Clean triple Axel-double toe loop. Fall on the second triple Axel, he had the landing. Triple Lutz-double toe loop clean. Double Axel-half loop-double Salchow clean. He's doubling out of some of his jumps. Clean triple flip and triple loop to follow. Doubled his final triple Lutz.

10:13am ET: A hot and cold performance for the Italian. He doubled a lot of his triples which will hurt his technical elements score. Total score: 121.23, a new season's best for Paul.

10:15am ET: Jason Brown gets a huge roar from the crowd. He is skating to "Riverdance." This is his first event on Olympic ice. Jason does not have a quad planned in his program.

10:16am ET: Opens with an easy double Axel. Clean triple Axel-triple toe loop. Nice change camel spin with catch-foot positions. Clean second triple Axel, he's through the hardest part of his program. Crowd clapping along to his footwork section. Triple Lutz-half loop-Triple Salchow fall. He didn't carry the speed through the combination. Clean triple flip-double toe. Double Axel. 'Tano triple Lutz with arm over the head clean. Clean triple loop.

10:21am ET: Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir say his performance lacked spark and agree. It was missing that extra something tonight. Total score: 153.67 and he's into first. The triple Axel and triple Salchow were underrotated.

10:23am ET: Up next is Kevin Reynolds. He's skating to the "Excelsius" soundtrack.

10:25am ET: Flawless quadruple Salchow to start. Clean quadruple toe-loop combination. Clean triple Axel. Another quadruple toe-loop, his third quad. Triple flip-double loop combination, meant to be a triple-triple. Clean triple Lutz and triple Salchow-double to finish. Lots of technical content here, but the performance was kinda flat. Total score: 167.92. Well into first.

10:33am ET: Evgeni Plushenko on the ice. He's skating to "The Godfather" and "Scheherazade" and "Tosca."

10:34am ET: Clean quadruple toe-loop to start, replaces second quad with a triple Lutz. Clean triple Axel. Triple Axel-double toe-double loop clean but tilted a bit. Triple Lutz-triple toe loop. Double Salchow rather than a triple. Doubles the triple loop, clean double Axel. I'm not sure there's enough technical content to top Kevin Reynolds.

10:38am ET: Huge response to Plushenko's performance, but I didn't care for the music cuts. The program felt a little disjointed. The doubled jumps will hurt his technical score.

10:40am ET: Total score: 168.20. Just barely beats Kevin Reynolds. His technical score was ~6.5 points less than Reynolds'.

10:41am ET: Tatsuki Machida of Japan is next, skating to "Firebird." This music was used as the Olympic torch was lit.

10:42am ET: Gorgeous quadruple toe loop to open. Tripled and two-footed the second quad attempt. Triple Axel-double toe loop clean. Lots of jumps planned in the second half. Triple Axel clean. Nice lift on the triple loop and triple Lutz. Triple flip-double toe loop-single toe loop whoops. Triple Salchow. Good effort by Machida, but not sure it's enough to beat Plushenko. Like Brown, this lacked a little excitement.

10:48am ET: Machida's total score: 165.85. He's into third place. Final placements: Plushenko, Reynolds, Machida, Brown, Parkinson. No problems with the judging here, but Plushenko can't afford those doubles in the individual program, if he chooses to skate in it.

10:50am ET: Team standings: Russia leads with 57 team points. Canada follows with 51, United States with 41, Japan with 38, Italy with 37.

10:55am ET: Stick around for the ladies free skate in 10 minutes. You can tweet me your questions at @lawryee while they warm-up.

11:00am ET: Tweet from Luis. "Excelsius" is what the protocols and NBC say Reynold's music was. I've never heard of it myself.

11:05am ET: The ladies are up. The skate order is: Kaetlyn Osmond (CAN), Gracie Gold (USA), Akiko Suzuki (JPN), Valentina Marchei (ITA) and Julia Lipnitskaia (RUS). The United States, Japan and Italy have made substitutions in this event. Gracie Gold replaces Ashley Wagner, Akiko Suzuki replaces Mao Asada, Valentina Marchei replaces Carolina Kostner.

11:10am ET: Remember to keep refreshing for the latest updates.

11:12am ET: Katelyn Osmond is up. Skating to "Cleopatra."

11:13am ET: Osmond opens with triple flip-double toe. Followed by double Axel-triple toe-loop. Triple Lutz big fall. She delayed her rotation in the air. Clean triple Salchow. Footwork into double flip. Clean triple toe loop combination and double Axel to end.

11:17am ET: This was a decent performance for Katelyn. She missed a few jumps and lacked the spark she had in the short program.

11:20am ET: Total score: 110.74 and of course she's into first.

11:21am ET: Gracie Gold on the ice, skating to "Sleeping Beauty."

11:22am ET: Huge triple Lutz-triple toe loop. Double Axel-triple toe loop clean. Triple loop. Her most difficult jumping paces behind her. She's a lot less frenetic than she was earlier in the season. Hit the triple flip she missed at Nationals. Another big triple Lutz. Triple Salchow-double toe-loop-double toe-loop. Big smile in the spiral sequence. Clean double Axel. Clean program, her first this season and a great start to her Olympics.

11:26am ET: Huge score for Gracie Gold: 129.38, a personal best. Easily into first and puts pressure on the rest of the field.

11:28am ET: Next up, Akiko Suzuki. She is the oldest ladies competitior at 28 years old. Skating to "Phantom of the Opera."'

11:30am ET: Triple flip-double toe-loop-double loop a little stiff. Double Axel-double toe loop. Triple Lutz a little stiff but clean. Her spins could use a little better extension but her musicality is unmatched. Another triple flip clean. Fell out of the triple loop. Triple Salchow-double toe maybe a little underrotated. One more triple Salchow to finish. A very mature performance, but lacking the content to catch Gracie.

11:35am ET: One downgrade and three under-rotations. Total score: 112.33. Suzuki into second.

11:37am ET: Valentina Marchei on the ice. Skating to "Nyah."

11:38am ET: Double Axel-double toe-loop to start. Nice height on the triple Lutz. Clean triple flip. Triple Salchow tilted but clean. Back spiral into triple Lutz combination. Three-jump combination to end. This was a pretty good skate for Valentina. She missed the double-triple combination at the start but the rest was pretty good.

11:44am ET: 112.51 she edges out Suzuki for second.

11:45am ET: Now up, Julia Lipnitskaia of Russia, skating to "Schindler's List." The arena going crazy.

11:47am ET: Triple Lutz-triple toe-loop followed by double Axel-triple toe-loop-double toe-loop. At 15, she lacks the expression of a Suzuki. Even Gold is a little more polished. Clean triple flip, double Axel, triple loop all clean. Triple Salchow clean, slight bobble on last triple Lutz-double toe loop. Astounding flexibility on her spins. Crazy traveling on the final combination spin.

11:51am ET: Julia grabs a Russia baseball cap on the way to the kiss and cry. Some of her jump entrances could be improved. She skids off her Axel entrance.

11:52am ET: 141.51 for Lipnitskaia, another 1st place for Russia. Final standings: Lipnitskaia, Gold, Marchei, Suzuki, Osmond.

11:54am ET: Russia leads with 67 team points. Canada a distant second with 56. United States in third with 50, while Japan and Italy follow with 45.

12:00pm ET: Plushenko confirmed he will skate in the men's individual event.

12:02pm ET: Remember to keep refreshing for the latest updates.

12:05pm ET: The final event -- the free dance -- starts at 12:10pm ET. It's really just  a formality as Russia is 11 points ahead. The skate order is: Reed & Reed (JPN), Guignard & Fabbri (ITA), Ilinykh & Katsalapov (RUS), Virtue & Moir (CAN) and Davis & White (USA).

12:17pm ET: Reed & Reed for Japan are up, skating to "Shogun."

12:18pm ET: Nice percussive kodo music. Free legs don't quite match in the twizzles. Nice dance lift, Cathy is very expressive. Slow in their footwork, but nice layover position in the dance spin. A little sluggish on the final two dance lifts. She is quite tall, so it makes the lifts more difficult.

12:23pm ET: Reed & Reed score 76.34, they're into first for now.

12:24pm ET: Up next Guinard & Fabbri from Italy, their country's second ranked team, skating to "Romeo & Juliet."

12:26pm ET: Another dance couple where the girl is quite tall, she might be taller than he is. Dramatic positions in their lift. His posture is particularly nice. Very expressive dancing. A nice program.

12:32pm ET: Guinard & Fabbri score 81.25 and move into first.

12:33pm ET: Ilinykh & Katsalapov for Russia, skating to "Swan Lake." Cheers from the crowd when they recognize the music.

12:35pm ET: Dramatic one-footed lift as the music crescendos. Wonderful costumes (though a feather flew off her dress), wonderful program, wonderful drama.

12:39pm ET: 103.48, a personal best for the Russians. Easily into first place.

12:40pm ET: The reigning champions, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir of Canada in new costumes. Skating to classical selections.

12:41pm ET: A little shaky on the first one-footed lift. Lovely expression by Virtue. No problems in her twizzles this time. Great extension by her in the lifts. There's a real romantic quality to this pair. They truly are dancers on ice.

12:48pm ET: 107.56 for the Canadians. They're into first.

12:48pm ET: The final skaters of the evening are Davis & White of the United States. They're skating to "Shceherazade."

12:50pm ET: Difficult jump entry into their first lift. Good speed on their footwork. Pretty layback and catchfoot positions in the dance spin.

12:56pm ET: 114.34 for the world champions, a new world record. As expected, Davis & White take first, Virtue & Moir second and the Russians take third in ice dance. But overall, it's Russia for team gold, Canada for team silver, and U.S. wins bronze.

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