T.J. Oshie 'honored' with fake profile on Olympic athlete hookup app Tinder

Fourth-Place Medal
"Oshie" on Tinder
"Oshie" on Tinder

SOCHI, Russia – Athletes in the Sochi Olympic village have been using Tinder, a “hot or not” speed-dating app, to, uh, bring the world closer together during their down time at the Winter Games.

According to slopestyle gold medalist Jamie Anderson, all the athletes are on it: snowboarders, skiers, lugers …

… instant Olympic hockey heroes who scored four shootout goals to bear the Russians on their home ice?

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Yes, T.J. Oshie is on Tinder. OK, check that: “T.J. Oshie” is on Tinder, because the profile making the rounds via Sochi On Tinder is undoubtedly created by someone that is not the St. Louis Blues star.

And yet the Toronto Sun asks in a headline: “Is T.J. Oshie profile on hook-up app Tinder a fake?”

From the Sun’s intense investigation that may have lasted a good one or two minutes:

There's no way of verifying the information posted — both social media accounts are anonymous — and the reality is it's not difficult to fake this kind of stuff. Tinder builds profiles based on information from a user's Facebook page, so it's possible the pictures and info came from a phony source. And of course, there's also the possibility these were Photoshopped.

Here, let us help.

The first photo has kicked around Pinterest for some time and appears dated 2011.

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The second photo was taken during the USA/Russia game, which would be a pretty amazing feat assuming he’d made this profile upon entering the village.

The third photo is from the Blues official site and one of the top returns on Google Images. It’s also incredibly creepy to use on a dating app.

And the fourth photo is his official NHL headshot. So … yeah, nothing from the actual Olympic Village, like every other athlete on Tinder.


Of course it’s not T.J. Oshie. Here, let’s add one more consideration: Her name is Lauren Cosgrove. She’s Oshie’s fiancé, and she’s pregnant.

He has absolutely no need for Tinder.

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