Swedish wrestler takes his case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport

The Court of Arbitration for Sport has agreed to hear the case of Ara Abrahamian, the Swedish wrestler who declined or was stripped of his bronze medal, depending on who you ask. The case has nothing to do with the bronze medal or getting it back. Abrahamian appealed to FILA, wrestling's international governing body, to look into the controversial seminfinal match between him and Andrea Minguzzi, the eventual gold medalist. FILA would not even look into Abrahamian's request, which, he alleges, is a violation of FILA bylaws and policies. Abrahamian is not looking for any relief or change of outcomes with this decision from the CAS; he just wants it checked out. This is the absolutely correct move. Allegations of corruption and poor refereeing have long plagued FILA and wrestling, and Abrahamian is trying to use his bad outcome to try to change this problem. He may have acted like a child when throwing away his medal, but now he strikes me as a smart man.

Photo via Getty Images

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