Stuff you should know about the flag bearers for the Opening Ceremony

Olympic delegations choose the person who carries their flag's country in for the Opening Ceremony for different reasons. In the case of Lopez Lomong, flag bearer for the U.S., he was chosen due to his inspiring journey from refugee to Olympian. Badou Jack is carrying the flag because he is a delegation of one for Gambia. No matter why the Olympian was chosen, here are some random facts about the flag bearers:

- Four NBA players will bear their country's flag: Andrey Kirilenko, Manu Ginobli, Dirk Nowitzki and Yao Ming.

- Roger Federer may have lost his top ranking in tennis, but he still bears the flag of Switzerland.

- Track and field is far and away the best represented sport among the flag bearers, with Jamaica's Veronica Campbell-Brown the best medal chance.

- Though baseball is in its last Olympics, none of the flag bearers are baseball players. Softball, the other sport that is cut after these games, has two.

- Daba Modibo Keita, Mali's flag bearer, is the Africa's first taekwondo champion.

- Pamela Chardene Mouelle Mboussi, a track and field athlete from the Congo, has the longest name of the flag bearers. The shortest name is held by the tallest man, China's Yao Ming.

- Three non-athletes will bring in their flag: the Marshall Islands' Waylon Muller, an official, Djibouti's former Olympian Salah Houssein Ahmed and Ethiopian coach Miruts Yifter.

-Lomong is not the only athlete bringing in a different flag than the country of his birth. Badou Jack was born in Sweden, and Azerbaijani wrestler Farid Mansurov was born in Georgia.

This random trivia is just what you can expect from the Fourth-Place Medal crew during tonight's live blog, starting at 7:28 ET.

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