Star Tracker: Bilodeau and Ohno are top bros

Star Tracker is Fourth-Place Medal's ranking of the biggest, brightest, and most noteworthy in Vancouver. Factors include medals, gut feelings, and silly pictures. See something fishy? Let us know in the comments, friends.

The Best: Alexandre Bilodeau.

The first Canadian gold medalist of this year's Olympics, Bilodeau is the first Canadian ever to win gold on his home soil. In the process of breaking that barrier, he bested former Canadian Dale Begg-Smith, delighting the country. He also has a really tall hat and kind of looks like Demetri Martin, which are both definite pluses.

Rising: Apolo Anton Ohno.

Ohno is now the all-time U.S. men's leader in the Winter Olympics. If he performs well, he will be the all-time leader regardless of gender. Furthermore, he might be the next cover athlete on Sports Illustrated. The only thing holding him back? You guessed it: the bandanna.

The rest of the rankings are explained after the jump.

Holding: Lindsey Vonn.

It seems like ages ago that Lindsey Vonn was on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Because of weather problems she hadn't been able to take the course until Wednesday. Basically the only thing that's happened since her cover is a mysterious leg injury that has been treated with cheese. We love cheese, but that's not enough.

Falling: Nate Holland.

Nate Dogg made a big stink about the Canadian snowboard pants being too tight when they weren't even that tight. Then he went and wiped out in the snowboard cross finals. Then he took a picture while wearing a beret. That's why he's falling.

The Worst: Lindsey Jacobellis.

Oh, Lindsey. This was your time for redemption. How can we ever forgive you for not winning a medal? Just kidding, it's just sports. We'll chill out. But still, Jacobellis' 2006 fall plus her failure to make it to the finals in her only event mean she's our first Worst. At least she's got that hair to fall back on.

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