Spanish cyclist gets booted from Games for doping

Maria Isobel Moreno became the answer to a very dubious trivia question today, after the IOC announced that it had booted the Spanish cyclist from the Olympics for flunking a drug test. Moreno, who was expected to challenge for a medal in women's cycling, tested positive for EPO, according to this report from the AFP.

The interesting part of this story is that Moreno was actually tested on July 31, and ended up leaving the athletes village the same night, telling the Spanish press that she was having an "anxiety attack."

I guess if I knew I had been doping the week before the biggest competition of my life, I'd be having plenty of anxiety attacks as well. The only question I have after reading this story is: What took so long?

Call me cynical, but I thought for sure that we would see at least a few athletes test positive for other drugs before the Opening Ceremony even started. As you'll recall, IOC President Jacques Rogge (right) even stated before the Games that he expected '30-40' athletes to test positive for drugs in Beijing.

Moreno's positive test brings Rogge's estimate closer to becoming a reality.

Photo via Getty Images

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