Sochi weather report: mild, not anywhere close to freezing

It's lovely these days in Sochi. Mid-50s, perhaps a bit of rain coming in over the weekend. Not bad for wintertime in Russia. Problem is, Sochi is just weeks away from welcoming in the world for the Winter Olympics. And it's looking like the concerns about weather playing a role just might have some merit.

As you can see above via Yahoo's outstanding weather app (cheap plug!), the temperature over the next ten days won't ever get anywhere close to freezing in Sochi. Krasinaya Polyana, the town adjacent to the mountain where much of the skiing and other snow-related events will take place, will be more favorable, though the question is whether the wildly fluctuating temperature will stay below freezing long enough to allow for proper snow formation.

We'll keep an eye on Sochi for you over the next few weeks. You'll want to know what to pack, right? Before then, please enjoy these vintage postcards from Sochi Magazine, and remember: this is a beach resort we're talking about, folks.


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