Sochi stray dogs also issue for athletes’ village (Photo)

SOCHI, Russia – The multitude, and plight, of the stray dogs in Sochi has been well-documented. They’re found roaming the streets of the city, around the hotels and inside the Olympic Park.

They’ve even found a way into the most secure areas of the Winter Games: The athletes’ villages.

That’s a sign adorning the door of Team Australia’s housing, and it’s rather good advice, lest you want to find a Siberian Huskie chowing down on your bloomin’ onion.

The odd thing is that the sign is from the Mountain Cluster Olympic Village, located high in the peaks near the skiing and snowboarding venues – not where most of the “canine control” issues have been experienced.

But the Aussie’s know what’s up. When you’ve been battling against packs of blood-thirsty dingos all your life*, you know securing the front door against invading hordes of stray pups is mandatory.

* We have no idea if this is even what happens in Australia, having never been there. But we’ll go ahead and assume they throw their used toilet paper in a poo tin too.

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