Sochi Olympic Park’s hidden foodie oasis (Photos)

SOCHI, Russia – Finding food in the Sochi Olympic Park isn’t difficult. There’s a cafeteria, a couple of sit-down places and several batteries of soda and sandwich machines with Alex Ovechkin’s face plastered on them.

Finding really good, really interesting food in the park? That’s the challenge.

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If you’re willing to accept that challenge, then you walk to the Olympic rings near the torch. You make a left while facing Bolshoy Ice Dome and then walk around the soda machines and around the sandwich machines until it looks like you’re about to enter a restricted area.

There, you’ll see a small wooden shack.

Go to that shack. Join the line.

Feast your eyes on the feast for your eyes:

Yes, crepes.

Glorious handheld crepes, with dessert toppings and meat and cheese and … caviar.

Because Russia is why.

The stand is tucked away from most of the park. Perhaps if you’re headed to a hockey game at Bolshoy or Shayba Arena, you might stumble upon it. And enough people do during the middle of the day that there gets to be a line.

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Now, making crepes is an art. This we know. So typically, you order your crepe, you’re told “10 minutes” and then it becomes 20 minutes because there’s a stack of takeaway boxes near the register, awaiting their bounty. And the crepes take time.

But once it’s yours … it won’t last long. The spongy dough gives way to a perfect filling, whether it’s a burst of saltiness from the caviar …

… or a glorious meat, cheese and mayonnaise hat trick. (The Russians love their mayo.)

The dessert options are equally delectable, although they lack mayonnaise.

The crepes run around $9.89 for the expensive items and $4.29 for the dessert items.

We’ve covered the plight of the Sochi Olympics foodie before when attending the hockey arenas.

Our advice to them: Put down the brioche with cabbage, and seek out the crepes place. It's the Olympics; go for the gold. Even if it's stuffed with caviar.

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