Sochi's white 'camouflaged' guard tents stick out since there's been little to no snow

Security was one of the main concerns leading up to the Sochi Winter Games and Russia went to great lengths to ensure the safety of participants and visitors. One of the things the Russians did was build “camouflaged” sentry posts on the roads leading to the mountain venues to hide armed military personnel.

While the idea was good, the execution was poor.

The sentry posts were painted white to blend in with the snowy landscape. However, the mountains have gotten so little snow that the posts stick out as white buildings against a brown backdrop.

This was an ultimate #SochiFail.

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According to the AP, the security forces have not agreed on how to deal with the lack of Mother Nature’s white camouflage. Some are sticking with the original plan and wearing full white uniforms in their white bunkers while others are wearing green in the bunkers in an attempt to blend with the landscape.

Regardless, the security forces are still attempting to give athletes and patrons peace of mind even if everyone knows they’re there.  

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