Sochi 2014 Olympic Park is rather beautiful at night (Photo Gallery)

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The Olympic torch at night, with the lights from the stage illuminating it.

Sochi At Night - The Torch

The Olympic torch at night, with the lights from the stage illuminating it.

SOCHI, Russia – The Sochi Olympics are not without their problems from an aesthetics point of view.

Stories of incomplete roads and hotels aren’t fiction. Newly planted trees are still roped to the wet soil. There’s still frantic painting and construction around the city and the venues. None of this portends a poor showing for Sochi in the 2014 Winter Games, but it certainly lacks the picturesque preparedness we witnessed in Vancouver and London.

At least in the sunlight it does. At night, the Sochi Olympic Park shines brightly, from the LED lights on the arenas to the colored spotlights on the buildings. Like the 2012 Summer Games, the venues here are in a cluster, creating a walkable experience for visitors from arena to arena. And in the evening, that experience is a kaleidoscope of colors and sounds.

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Click on the photo below for a slideshow of some of those sights in the Sochi Olympic Park. Photos were taken Monday, Feb. 3. Click the image for the slideshow:

There are sights, and there are sounds. Here’s some of the video running on the side of The Iceberg, where curling is scheduled to take place:

Keep in mind that for all this razzle dazzle, the Sochi Games have been green certified as environmentally friendly within the Olympic Park construction.

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