SNL’s coverage of the Olympics

Scott Bridges

Over the years, NBC has used its regularly scheduled television programs to promote its coverage of the Olympics. Saturday Night Live, for instance, has covered its share of the quadrennial Games for the network. What follows are highlights of some of the show's finest Olympic moments.

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Recently, U.S. Olympic Swim Team member Tyler Clary challenged the work ethic of teammate Michael Phelps. Athletes' nutrition regimens have come along way in recent years. In the following clip, world-renowned athlete John Belushi discusses the eating habits that made him a champion.

In the 1996 Atlanta Games, Kerry Strug showed the world that Olympic glory has more to do with the size of your heart than the size of your body. But she may have had a little help from above, and from her less famous brother, Kippy.

Before Michael Phelps there was Mark Spitz. The seven-time gold medal winner and all-world ladies' man recalls what Olympic training was like back in his day.

Believe it or not, there were some who doubted whether Athens would be able to pull off the 2004 Olympics. But questions about infrastructure construction were put to rest after Costas Popakanstantis appeared on SNL's Weekend Update to discuss how ready Greece was to once again host the Games, which originated there.

Drug-testing has reduced the size of many countries' Olympic rosters (for more, see Photos of Notable Olympic Drug Offenders), but there may presumably come a time when the Olympics as we know them get competition from the All Drug Olympics. Here's a sample from the weightlifting event.

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