Sideline swag: Russia men’s basketball coach David Blatt’s cosmic shirt

We'd like to believe that Russia men's basketball coach David Blatt is rolling his eyes because Time magazine listed the Russian team's uniforms among the worst at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Sure, that swirly, wavy, almost paisley-type pattern might make viewers dizzy, but so does the up-tempo, hard-nosed style of play Russia favors. Fashion following form, and all that.

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Let the haters hate; Russia's firebrand bench boss wasn't about to move into the medal rounds of the Summer Games without stepping his sartorial game up. From standard, boring polos to something a little more ... festive for the quarterfinal matchup with Lithuania. The dark color's a nice off-red-and-white template touch; one can only wonder what kind of bold step he'll take if Russia can hold off Lithuania and advance to the semifinals. Perhaps some type of fringe, or matching designer jeans. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

If nothing else, we now know for sure that Blatt — who's opened American eyes by leading Russia to international hoops prominence and a Group B win in pool play — is NBA-caliber. That shirt wouldn't look at all out of place in a postgame press conference alongside Russell Westbrook.

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