Showdown: Who has better sunglasses?

It is a decision that may tear the world in two. A contest so monumental that only the Internet can truly determine its winner. Frankly, we need your help.

Who has better sunglasses — Simon Ammann of Switzerland or Tord Asle Gjerdalen of Norway?

Cue "The Final Countdown."

The case for Ammann: Well, after winning two gold medals in ski jumping in Vancouver — bringing his career total to a record-breaking four — he's certainly earned the right to rock his Carrerra Everests. However, Amman doesn't wear his glasses when he competes. It makes sense, but that could possibly subtract some style points. Nonetheless, they're a definite improvement over his Harry Potter look-alikes.

The case for Gjerdalen: Unlike Ammann, Gjerdalen actually competes in his Prestige Oswald sunglasses. However, he's also never won a medal, which is a source of much frustration for fans of Norway's ski team. Though they look great with his fu-manchu mustache, we have to wonder why he started wearing sunglasses when he hails from a country that occasionally has 24 hours of darkness.

Now that you have the facts, let us know in the poll who has the better shades and provide your justification in the comments.

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