Shot putter wins gold, nearly disrupts 10K race, laughs terrifying laugh (VIDEO)

There's a lot going on at any given moment in the Olympics. We're not just talking about the multiple competitions; we're talking about the multiple events within competitions. During track and field, for instance, you've got all kinds of objects flying through the air as other athletes race or warm up. It's a constant ballet of activity that almost, almost, comes off flawlessly.

Witness: Poland's Tomasz Majewski, who's just won gold in the shot put. He's so anxious to find a Polish flag that he and the camera operator following him nearly take out the field of the women's 10K, running concurrently around the track. The celebration starts about the 1:20 mark; make sure you watch 'til the end:

That, friends, is a legit supervillain laugh. Hopefully James Bond isn't still so busy dallying with the queen that he misses this looming threat right under his very nose.

[We bite our medal in the direction of Deadspin for the tip.]

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