Shaun White smashes his face, wins the X Games

Even Shaun White isn't perfect all the time. Working on his double McTwist (now dubbed the 'Whitesnake' — most excellent) in a practice run at the X Games, White came up a little short and it almost cost him his head.

White didn't spin fast enough and couldn't complete the trick, instead slamming his jaw in to the icy lip of the halfpipe, tossing his helmet high up in the air. Then an hour later, White took the course again and won the X Games because that's just what Shaun White does. He even landed the trick that rocked his face.

White is the clear favorite in this Olympics, and with the recent loss of fellow American Kevin Pearce to a severe injury, the U.S. national team can't afford to lose another top snowboarder. But he's going to keep doing the trick, telling Eddie Pells of the Associated Press, "I've paid my dues for that trick, but it's worth it."

Video of the crash and the winning run after the jump, courtesy of ESPN.

First the crash.

Then the winner.

There's a reason I'm not an Olympic snowboarder, besides my ill-suited frame, low flexibility, and generally awkward movements. If I crack my head like that, I'm switching to curling.

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